1 to 5 May 2019 Sebastian Graams new project Cologne (D)
May 12 Un Egyptien à Venise  Sondrio (I)
May 16  Concert  with Orsay jazz department Orsay (Fr)
May 17 Master class Orsay conservatory Orsay (Fr)
May 19/18 rehearsals "Un Amour de basson Russe" Lille (Fr)
May 25 Concert at "Château Chatard" Bordeaux St Germain de Graves (Fr)
May 26 Festival Chapitoscope, duo with Jennifer Francois La Sauve Majeure (Fr)
June 4 to 6 Recording with trio Taracea Madrid (Spain)
June 9 Le concert des parfums Werdenberg fest ( CH)
June 14 Duo with Alim Quasimov Morgenland fest (D)
June 26 Quartet with Aynur Morgenland fest (D)
June 29 All start Band + Osnabrück symphony orch Morgenland fest (D)
July6/7 Duo with Francesco D'Auria "Amor Sospeso" Ambria jazz (I)
July 11 Duo with Freddy Echelberger Petit festival (Fr)
July 13  "We tuba" with Ada Montellanico Ambria jazz (I)
July 14 "We tuba" with Ada Montellanico Ortaccio jazz fest(I)
July 20 Monteverdi and perfumes (premiere) Fest des abbayes de Lorraine (Fr)
July 28 Duo with Redi Hasa fest "il camino celeste" (I)
July 29to 31 Anna lana Schnabel new project Hitzacker fest (D)
August 3 Voyageurs immobiles (premiere) fest Conques (Fr)
August4 to 10 Workschop ( improvising is a game) Harcigbny (Fr)
August 17 La banda  Alpentöene (CH)
August 18 Duo with Francesco D'Auria "Amor Sospeso" Rima (I)
August 19 Duo with Redi Hasa Fasano (I)
August 26to28 Recording with IdrissDamien and Barre Philips Nice (Fr)
Sept 7/8 Serpent workschop Saint Immier (CH)
Sep 12 "We tuba" with Ada Montellanico Roma 5I)
Sep 19 Master class  Aix en provence (Fr)
Sep 20 Duo with Philippe Deschepper fest "les émouvantes"(Fr)
Sept 26-29 With Derya Turkan Istanbul
Sep 06 Un amour de basson Russe Lille ®
November 4 to 10 Recording "RisplendentoiReversi" St Pölten (A)
November 11 to 15 Morgenland Academy Osnabruck (D)
November 18 to 24 Le grand Eustache orch + Ihab radwan ( premiere) Lausanna (CH)
January 2020 6 to 9 Trio with Louiis sclavis and Dominique Serves Avignon (Fr)
January 15 to 18 Residence in trio with Maude Madec  Bretagne (Fr)
January 28 to 29 Workshop and radio concert  Lausanne (CH)
February 11 to 14 Fanfaribole with Ihab Radwan Premiere Sion (CH)
March 21 to 28 Morgenland all star band Doha (Qatar)
April 12 to 16 Fanfaribole with Ihab Radwan  Beyrouth (Lebanon)
April 23 to 26 Serpent journey  Les Bois (CH)
Mai 7 to 10 Trio Rouge Donauchingen (D)
May 23 Morgenland all star band Cologne philarmonie (D)